French Cage Chandelier, 12 arms, circa. 1860

French Cage Chandelier, 12 arms, circa. 1860

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W: 45cm (17.7")H: 145cm (57.1")

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This is an example of a spectacular large French cage chandelier made around the middle of the 19th century.

Typical of all French cage chandeliers it has plaque drops, half moon drops, coloured bubbles and fruit drops. This particular chandelier also hosts large spikes which match the length of the French candles.

Each of the arms has beautifully cut nozzles and pans with French fruit plaques for adornment. The centre of the cage has a large finial which spans up into the middle of the chandelier. The top of the chandelier is split into two tiers with the second tier finished with a wonderfully coloured bubble.

This is a chandelier that is fairly rare due to its size. It is made for a larger room and is certain to turn heads. 

Notes: 1. Requires re-wiring. 2. Fully cleaned condition