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Specialising in the Restoration, Installation, Cleaning & Hire of Antique Chandeliers

Chandeliers are statement pieces of fabulous lighting, bringing an awe to any room, in houses large and small, whether in historic or modern settings.. And lighting is a main feature of interior design, building restoration, and recreation of damaged or changed historic buildings, both private and public. The chandeliers, wall sconces, lanterns, and other lighting has great historical & architectural relevance to it's setting, often to the past, and therefore has to be at it's best, and has to be of the period. 

And there has been a resurgence of demand for quality antique chandeliers for both modern and historic interiors, with styles mixed to create eclectic interiors.

London Antique Chandeliers is uniquely placed to service this demand from it's large stock of lighting, and it's extensive knowledge in the care, restoration, cleaning, installation and sourcing of period light pieces, from antique and historic chandeliers, lanterns, wall sconces, and candelabra to other associated decorative items.

London Antique Chandeliers carry out sympathetic cleaning and use neutralisation processes to remove residue build-up on glasswork and frames, whilst bronze and brass work is renewed with the removal of original surface lacquer and then re-lacquering. 

Where glass has been scratched or chipped, it can sometimes be ground down and re-polished. Or a missing or broken pieces can either be re-created or replaced. With our extensive stock of old pieces, it is usually possible to find or re-create any item that is missing or broken.

With lampshades and bases found in a wide variety of materials – textiles, plastics, metals, woods, ceramics and glass, we assign each piece to the appropriate craftsmen to carry out any structural repairs and to restore surface finishes.

Electrical safety (PAT) testing can be carried out, and items can be rewired to ensure compliance with current safety regulations.

To facilitate cleaning, restoration or repair We provide a bespoke service to take down, pack, transport and hang chandeliers for clients. 

Chandelier cleaning can be carried out on-site or at our workshops.


Great Northern Hotel, chandeliers supplied and hung by LAC

Private residence, London, chandeliers installed by LAC